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Types Of Sports Wagering

Sports wagers' stages and phases...

The many facades of Sports WagersThe many facades of Sports Wagers

People of every age love sports. People earn money through sports, and some earn money through wagering on sports.

Sports wagering is the most common fastest growing and most popular form of online activity in the world, but there are so many different ways that you can stake on the games.


Straight Bets

Most people who love sports are familiar with the most common type of bet, the straight bet. It is the most basic bet placed by sports wagers especially when it comes to games like soccer or basketball etc. a wagering line is set. You can either bet on your favorite and give up the points or bet on the competitor and get the winning points.

Total Line Bets

Another most popular type of bet in sports is the total line bet. In such type of sports bet, a number is decided for the combination of the final score of both the teams and you bet on the real score staying “under” that total giving “over” the decided number.

Money Line Bets

When you place money line bets by picking up the teams without gaining any point. These bets are usually placed in vital playing sports. However, they also deal with hockey and baseball.

Teaser Bets

A teaser bet is a different kind of wager. It involves two or more picks in one single bet, lets double the fun and enhance chances of a win.

Head-to-Head Bets

Wagering in Golf and NASCAR game is pretty much different, it is just between two opponents. The results are head to head between the two rivals. Whoever get higher rank in race or event wins. These kinds of bets also mostly take place in royal families for fun factor.

So, these are various types of wagering that can used by an individual to earn big money in the world of sports.

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