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The Growing Influence Of USA In Soccer

The rise of soccer in USA


There is no doubt that soccer has gained prominence in the USA over the years.

The youth in the country is taking keen interests in the game of soccer. During the 1990s, there were hardly any leagues related to the game of soccer. America has just qualified for the World Cup in the last 20 years.

At present, the game of soccer is thriving and gaining ground in America since the inception of Major League soccer.

The other less talked about news is the acquisition of the big football clubs by American business people, who see the potential of making much money through the game.

The American style of business has been carried out in top leagues like English Premier League and Bundesliga.

The craze and euphoria for the game of soccer have reached new heights among American audiences. A few years ago, a capacity crowd of 109,000 people witnessed the match between Manchester United vs. Real Madrid played in Michigan.

The game observed record numbers in attendance to see the game in the country. It indeed shows how much Americans love the game of soccer and would love to see their favorite players take the filed in their country.

Overall, the game of soccer has the potential to scale new heights regarding capturing new audiences in the USA. The USA national soccer team has done well over the years with consistently good performances and is ranked Netherlands in the FIFA World Rankings.

It is believed that the game of soccer will enjoy its meteoric rise in the country and become the most popular sport in the USA in the future.

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