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How to win football bets

Set yourself up for football betting success with this useful guide

How to win a football bet?

Football betting can be extremely fun and profitable, but only if you know what you are doing – otherwise, it can become frustrating and expensive.

So with that in mind, Bet2Win has created a basic guide on how to win football bets.


Do the research

Knowledge is power when it comes to increasing your chances of winning football bets. The more knowledge you have, the more educated and informed you are when deciding which bets to place.

Stay on top of recent developments, statistics, form guides, team news, and head to head records to see which advantages you can find against the bookmakers. Also, take into account certain circumstances that might affect your decisions.

Perhaps a leading team is playing a weaker team days before an important match. Despite being the favorite, they might field a weaker team which would decrease their chances of victory.

Research is the single most important activity to winning football bets, so leave no stone unturned.


Maintain discipline

A lack of discipline is a guaranteed way to fail. If you want to build a winning record of football bets, keeping your emotions in check is vitally important. This often means ignoring betting on your favorite teams as it’s difficult to remain impartial and analytical.

However, the key aspect of discipline in football betting is not to lose your cool when you hit a bad run – which happens to even the most experienced and successful bettors. Chasing losses is impulsive and will only lead to further losses. Equally, when you hit a hot streak, do not get carried away and start betting big hoping to cash in.

Create a set strategy and budget and do not deviate; however, tempting it may be.


Keep a record

Keeping a record of all of your football bets will give you a huge long-term advantage. This will allow you to review and refine your betting strategy as you go, spot areas that are not working, and recognize areas that are.

Start a spreadsheet and create columns for date, event, bet, odds, units, the result, and win/loss. Color code your spreadsheet so green highlights the wins and red highlights the losses. After 20 or so bets, you will start to see trends emerging, and you can use this as a base for your strategy moving forward.


Small wins are still wins

The chances of being one of those few people who turn a 20-game accumulator into $10,000s profits are extremely rare, so focus instead on racking up a series of smaller wins. After all, a small win is still much better than a small loss.

Consistently winning football bets is all about taking the long-term approach, and your patience will be rewarded. The most successful sports bettors have created strategies that are designed primarily to minimize losses, not to maximize profits.

By placing bets on shorter odds, you can accumulate more wins over a longer period. After a year, you will see the full benefits of focusing on small wins.

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